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Pricing Strategies


Strategic Pricing Solutions works with clients to develop data-driven pricing strategies that are consistent with their business strategy.

We review the market, value proposition, product hierarchy, competitive positioning, customer segments, and current pricing strategies and architecture. We review historical results of the existing strategies, and identify pricing strategy options. We conclude with recommendations for enhancements or modifications.

Each company’s business strategy is a reflection of where they will compete and how they will win.

Choosing and implementing a pricing strategy is more involved than just selecting skimming, penetration, or neutral pricing, or simply adding a margin to the product cost.  First and foremost, the pricing strategy must align with the company’s communication of value to customers and prospects.  The price of a product or service is another form of communication of value to customers.  Setting prices lower than competitors can be a signal to customers that the product or service is no better than the alternatives.  If the product or service is superior, low prices will simply erode shareholder value and may result in fewer sales.

Pricing strategies also consider:

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